Madrid - Barcelona
Head Office:
C/ Roger, 5, Barcelona.
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4 years filming
in Madrid and Barcelona

Below you can watch our featured scenes. You will not find Showreels, since many are assembled with footage external to la Masia.

More than 300 scenes.

That have helped actors getting agents, auditions and roles in film and TV.

Showreels for passionate actors

Release your artist and exploit your creativity.

Scenes or Showreel?

Nancy Bishop, Casting Director of Mission Imposible or The Illusionist, recommends using the showreel to get an agent, as you can show them in less than 3 minutes what you capable of doing. On the other hand, she says scenes are ideal for getting specific roles.

Showreels and connections

We connect our actors with agents and casting directors every time they ask us for specific roles thanks to the trust we have generated in 4 years.

I want my showreel to look like Netflix

Custom budgets are only for professional actors. Below you can see two examples with our award-winning short films.