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The showreel
that will boost
your career.

72% of our costumers find agent in less than 3 months.



Stop losing castings. We give you what casting directors want

How does de process works

We analyze your acting profile in detail

Our creative team will work with you to understand your acting product and build scenes around your personality.

Our scriptwriters craft your personalized script

We create customized scripts that perfectly showcase your essence. Just as casting directors want

We take care of the entire production

We handle everything needed, from locations, supporting actors, technical crew, and much more.

We shoot your showreel at the highest level

You'll feel like you're in a Netflix production, filming with a team of over 12 people just for you.

We edit, do sound design, and color grading

With experts in editing, sound, and color grading, we'll give your scenes a high-quality result.

Scene examples

A world of possibilities with over 3500 scenes filmed. Nº1 in Europe

Shot with
Red Dragon 6k

Because we know quality makes the difference, all our showreels are shot with the camera used in Netflix, HBO, or Prime Video.

100% free consultation

Distribution plan

We help you connect with the industry effectively.


72% of our clients find agent in less than 3 months.


We help you increase the number of auditions you receive by 200%.

We position you in the industry.

This is
what our costumers say

Descubre cómo están triunfando en la industria.

You are 30 seconds away from changing your career!

100% free advice

    What else would you like to know

    Yes, we offer interest-free financing adapted to your needs.

    Yes, we have offices in both cities.

    All our services include a specialized coach and a director on set who will help you
    reach your full interpretive potential.

    Absolutely, our goal is to help you achieve all your professional objectives. To do so,
    we will provide you with our market knowledge, an advanced distribution plan, and
    a list of direct contacts with Spanish, United Kingdom agents. Additionally, you will
    receive free and ongoing assistance for any questions or concerns you may have.
    Remember that 72% of our clients find agent in less than 3 months.

    All our scenes are shot with the professional RED DRAGON 6k camera, which has
    been used for productions such as Peaky Blinders, Money Heist, Jurassic World,
    and The Queen’s Gambit

    Absolutely. We have a team of showreel advisors who will be delighted to provide
    you with free advice, answer any questions you may have, provide you with direct
    information from ragents and casting directors, and share our expertise from over 8
    years in the industry.

    La Masia Reels