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    The client agrees to keep the shooting dates agreed with the production department firmly reserved.The client understands that in the work process his responsibility is that of Actress / Actor.
    All responsibility as Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Casting Director, Locator, Art Director, Coach, Director of Photography, Soundman, Editor or Colorist is entrusted to our team. If the client wishes to carry out any of these functions on his own, we will invite him not to perform the service with us.
    Once the filming dates have been reserved, the client accepts without exception that all the functions necessary to complete the service will be carried out by Masia Reels, never third parties or the client himself at the expense and assessment of our creative team.



  1. The total amount of the service may be paid in up to 3 installments, divided as follows:

    – 1st Installment: It corresponds to 30% of the total amount, and will be made upon contracting the service.

    – 2nd Installment:  Corresponds to 35% of the total. It will be made within a maximum period of 30 calendar days after the first payment (reservation / deposit) or otherwise, on the date agreed by the parties. 

    – 3rd Installment: Corresponds to 35% of the total. It will be made within a maximum period of 60 calendar days after the first payment (reservation / deposit) or otherwise, on the date agreed by the parties. 

  2. In the event of breach by the customer of any of its contractual payment obligations agreed, the institution may charge the costumer, per overdue debit position, the costs that the institution has actually borne, in order to be compensated for them.  
    For more information on claiming debit positions, please check:
  3. CANCELLATION: For any cancellation of the service prior to the shooting process, a penalty of 100% of the deposit (1st payment) will be applied. Except in cases of force majeure justified with an official document. Note* It is understood as an official document, medical justifications that make impossible the activity of the client, or other documents of legal or judicial character. 
    If you want to hire the service again, you must book new dates and make a new payment in full with a new deposit. 
  4. GUARANTEE: In case of image or sound defect, of a scene suffers notorious technical problems (Note: bad image or sound quality) Masia Reels willl reshoot the scene for Free. However, we will not repeat the service because of “acting”, “physical look” or “script” reasons, since the are nonconformities that the client should have warned in each of the previous phases of the shooting and that he did not express clearly to the team. In no case will economic refunds be made. 


  1. RED scene: € 999 + VAT.

    It includes; Creative Advice, Script, 3 hours of Shooting, 2 Shots, RED DRAGON Camera, Director, Cinematographer,  Sound Director, Makeup and Basic and / or Complex Hairdressing (as needed), Casting search, Production Manager, Advanced PostProduction with the option to modifications.

    In addition, it includes; Distribution Plan and Contact Lists (Casting Directors and Agents) 

    It it possible the the shooting time may be reduced it the work is satisfactorily completed ahead of schedule. 

  1. REDX scene: € 1500 + VAT.

    It includes; Creative Advice, Script, 4 hours of filming, 4/6 Shots, RED DRAGON 6K camera, Director, Cinematographer, Sound Director, Makeup and Basic and / or Complex Hairstyling (according to need), Casting search, Production Manager, Advanced PostProduction with the option of modifications.

    In addition, it includes; Distribution Plan and Contact Lists (Casting Directors and Agents) 

    It it possible the the shooting time may be reduced it the work is satisfactorily completed ahead of schedule. 

  1. Showreel Editing: From 180€ + 21% Vat
    Includes: Selection, Editing and Layout of the showreel.
  2. Subtitles: 40€ + 21% Vat (Spanish, Catalan and English) 
    In case of another language, the customer may request a quotation for the translation, or provide it on his own. 
  3. VIP PREMIUM SERVICE: Under budget
    Includes: Running during shooting days, Mercedes V Class, Pick up and drop off service at airports / train stations / ports, maintenance catering during shooting.

    Extraordinary expenses or external to the production company that could be incurred in case of acceptance by the costumer, are the following: Rental of indoor locations, Civil liability insurance during the filming, Crew travels outside the city core/center (+20km),  payment (as travel expenses) to the supporting actors of the scene, special technical equipment, additional correction in post-production process. 


  1. A creative consulting meeting will be held to develop a list of original ideas for the script of the scene.  At the end of the meeting, the costumer agrees to choose and confirm the ideas they like the most to proceed with the script writing. If no decision is made at the meeting, the costumer has 3 calendar days to make a decision and confirm the ideas via email. to our crew.
  2. The ideas developed in the meeting may evolve by the creative team and it is the costumer responsibility to let us know of he/she likes them or not during the script delivery or the subsequent confirmation e-mail, since it is not something static.  


  1. The scripts will be delivered within 15 to 35 working days from the creative consulting meeting. However, exceptions may be made depending on the time remaining until the shooting date, which in any case, will always be agreed upon by the parties. 
  2. After the delivery of the first version of the script, the client may request, if necessary, a second version of the script with all the changes that the client wishes to propose. This second version will be considered the final versión of the script.

    Note* – In case the client does not show up for the meeting agreed between the parties, a second meeting will be scheduled. In case the client does not attend the second meeting, the “Script delivery” process will be finished and the developed materials (scripts) will be sent via email. 


    The locations proposed by the client must be submitted to the production team within a maximum of 4 working days, counting from the “Production Breakdown” email. If after this time we have not received these proposals, Masia Reels will execute the shooting plan with the locations that the production team has previously managed.

    The law of cinema (Spain) obliges the parties to contract a civil liability insurance that covers any incident / damage / or other assumptions that may occur during the shooting. This insurance has a total and unique cost of 15,00€.

    The search, communication and management of supporting actors and extras by Masia Reels does not entail any extraordinary expenses, however the client must pay 50 euros per actor / actress (this cost is external to the production company), for the travel expenses and per diem. In addition, the casting actor will receive the finished product, but in no case the raw material without the express consent of the client
    In the event that the client decides to manage the casting of the scene on his own, he must inform the production department of the agreed deadline. In this case, he will not have to pay anything, if he does not consider it necessary. 

    1. The client commits to firmly reserve the shooting dates agreed upon by the parties. 
    2.  the client will not be able to modify the agreed shooting dates once the pre-production process has started (after the delivery and acceptance of the scripts), except in case of force majeure justified with an official document. Note: Official documents are understood to be medical justifications that maje the client’s activity impossible, or other documents of a legal or judicial nature. 
    3. If the client want to reschedule the shooting day/week/month in less than 35 working days prior to the agreed shooting dates, a full penalty will be applied to the amount paid as Payment and Deposit and the debt will be claimed. For more information see Second clause, paragraph 2. 
    4. Only Masia Reels will be able to make modifications in the dates or schedule agreed due to indispensable reasons of Production for the correct development of the sooting. In any case, Masia Reels undertakes to keep the client informed at all times of any changes. The costs of rescheduling, if any, will be borne by Masia Reels. 


  1. Punctuality. If any of the parties suffers an unjustified delay during the hours agreed upon in the shooting schedule, the latter shall be responsible for any costs or expenses that may arise due to the incident.  
  2. The times per scene in the shooting plan are tested. They are completely doable for the client and the team. If the filming of a sequence is extended due to a lack of commitment (being late, lack of knowledge of the sequence, doubts or questions not resolved in previous meetings) the client will have to pay Masia Reels the corresponding amount for overtime hours and rental of location in that case. If it is for technical reasons, Masia Reels will take care of the cost.
  3. If we shoot in a time shorter than that specified in the shooting plan, having obtained a satisfactory result for both parties, the shooting of said scene will be completed. In case the client is not fully satisfied, we will use up the time specified in the shooting plan. If the client does not express that he would like to run out of time at the time of filming, the scene will be understood as finished.
    The client understands that the filming plan is carried out to respect a punctuality, but that the time specified for the duration of the filming is only a reference and may last less.
  4. For acting, the client will have the support of the director or the coach. However, the client understands that he has not contracted an interpreting school service. The client confirms being aware of their limitations and accepting them, and does not hold the Masia Reels team responsible for their acting. (Since it takes long periods of practice to develop such a skill).
  5. Masia Reels is not responsible for the client’s objects and belongings during the shooting. 


  1. The material delivered will be the scene (and the videobook mounted in case of having hired this service). We will not ship the raw camera and sound files separately, as will the Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Avid Pro-Tools, or DaVinci file.
  2. The ideal timing of a scene is between 1 minute and a half and 3 minutes, since the client can be appreciated to act, react and listen without it being so long as to generate boredom.
  3. 20 days from the last day of shooting to receive the first montage of the scene which, if only necessary, can be used as casting material, always with the “provisional / unfinished version” watermark.
  4. 45 days from the last day of shooting to receive the final montage of the scene.
  5. The editing process is stipulated in three steps:

1st: we send the client an first version of the CUT, THAT IS, WITHOUT COLOR OR SOUND. At this point, only one batch of changes will be accepted for ASSEMBLY.

In case of wanting any modification, the client can send us a list with all the changes he wishes and we will send him a second version at no added cost, as long as they are JUSTIFIED and MEET THE DEADLINE that we will inform him by mail to present said modifications. If this period expires, we will proceed with the second step outlined in the next paragraph.
If the client wants other types of changes after this version, we will quote a supplementary price (ask for prices to the production team) 

2nd: We send to the client the final version with the finished sound and color edition. At this point, only one batch of changes will be accepted for SOUND.

If the client wants other types of change,  we will quote a supplementary price (ask for prices to the production team) 

3rd: We edit the showreel with the final scenes.  (Only if you have contracted the showreel editing service or that it enters for free according to our packs at the time of contracting the service).

6.   About the Showreel: If we consider that due to acting there is a scene that remains from the assembly of the showreel, we will advise the client not to add it to the final assembly.

7.   We advise the customer to save all their material on 2 different hard drives, to ensure their protection.

8.  Once the finished product has been delivered to the client, Masia Reels does not guarantee to store the material  for the client and its members are exempt from all liability.


  1. Masia Reels commits to send to the costumer, within 7 working days from the delivery of the final materials, a dossier entitled “Distribution Plan” with tips and strategies learned form Casting Directors and Agents, to build, improve and maximise the distribution process and access to the professional market/industry. 


  1. THE CLIENT assigns to THE PRODUCER, as well as to all those third parties, natural or legal persons to whom the producer can assign the exploitation rights over the audiovisual work (in its entirety and / or partiality, including, among other retails, making off , as well as promotional material), so that they can use the images in which it intervenes without distinction.
    The authorization is granted for its exploitation throughout the world, in all formats and media, and for the maximum time allowed by the Law for all uses that the images, or parts of them, in which it appears , using the technical means known today and those that could be developed in the future, and for any application. All this with the sole exception and limitation of those uses or applications that could threaten the right to honor, Personal and family privacy and Self Image.
    Likewise, THE PRODUCER, after signing this contract, will no longer ask THE CLIENT for permission to carry out said exploitation, nor in future possible collaborations related to reel scenes.


  1. Protection of Personal Data: In accordance with Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights, which regulates the right to information in the collection of data, data Personal data of the applicant obtained for the purposes of this contract, will be incorporated into a file LA MASIA REELS, with the sole purpose of managing your service as a customer and keeping you informed about all events related to your service. LA MASIA REELS, guarantees the confidentiality of the information to which it may have access due to this contract, an obligation that will be extended to its employees and collaborators. This confidentiality obligation will remain in force even after the end of the contract. The applicant may exercise their rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of their personal data, in accordance with the provisions of current regulations on protection of personal data, by writing to the following email address: .


  1. The costumer / Client / Actor agrees to subscribe to our newsletter to receive information from Masia Reels; news, discounts, gifts, promotions, news, etc.

    If you wish to unsubscribe, you must send an email to with Subject: “Stop receiving information about promotions, gifts and discounts” or write this same statement in the box that you will find below called “Message (Optional).


From one side,
GENTILEZA PELÍCULAS, S.L. (MASIA REELS) B-09973025 and address at Carrer de L’Equador, 2, 08029, Barcelona, intervening on behalf of himself and La Masia Reels, previously mentioned as THE PRODUCER.

And from the other,

Have read and accepted the terms and conditions of the service described above.

    La Masia Reels